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The teen years can be difficult. Learning to be the best we can be socially, academically, and physically is challenging. With the Gradlike podcasts, you’ll get a wealth of life-changing information about what it takes to feel your best physically and emotionally, increase energy, deal with the stresses of life, improve academic skills, and much more. See the entire list of topics below.

Gradlike helps you live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. There are nearly 60 podcasts covering a huge range of ideas that can help teens, young adults, and even adults improve their lives. Though much of it is aimed at college students, anyone can benefit from the information - some of it rare and surprising and transformative - on what it takes to get happier, healthier, and smarter. It helps you learn how to be better at making relationships work, communicate better, be happier, have better self-esteem, be physically healthier and stronger, and more. You'll be able to listen to all podcasts for an ongoing subscription of $6.99 a month, and you can cancel anytime. Listen anytime on your device - walking, exercising, travelling - and listen with friends for a group discussion afterwards. Listen to them several times, as it can take a while for the information to sink in. You’ll be able to listen to all the podcasts at any time as often as you wish. Click the link below to subscribe.


Here’s a list of the all the podcasts:

  • Shaping a Positive Self Image

  • A Calm and Aware You

  • Dealing with Envy

  • A Big Boost for Your Social Life

  • Belonging: Where Do You Fit In?

  • Dealing with Anger

  • Getting Along with Others

  • Your Values as a Compass

  • An Attitude of Gratitude

  • Two Words About Your Future

  • Improving Your Memory

  • Positivity and Goals

  • The Art of Saying No

  • The Perils of Junk Food

  • Quick and Healthy Meals

  • Your Symptoms are Messages

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • The Good Bad About Carbs

  • The Brilliant Counselor Technique

  • Breaking Vicious Cycles

  • A Relationship Paradox

  • Adapting to a Whole New Life

  • Your Primal Urges

  • Top Study Skills, Pt. 2

  • Getting Inspired, Pt. 2

  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence

  • Your Major and Your Future

  • Your Difficult Emotions

  • A Strong Immune System

  • Exam Time: Smooth Sailing in a Stormy Sea

  • Your Desires, Your Promises

  • A Recap of Big Tips

  • Dealing with Difficult People, Pt. 1

  • Chemistry 101 of Relationships

  • The Unique You

  • Bit by Bit: Tackling Big Challenges

  • Dealing with Anxiety & Worry

  • Validating Yourself

  • Getting Inspired, Pt. 1

  • Peer Pressure and Being Yourself

  • Taking Total Responsibility for Your Life

  • Dealing with Difficult People, Pt. 2

  • Warning Signs in Relationships

  • Alcohol and You

  • Top Study Skills, Pt. 1

  • What About YOLO?

  • Say It, Don’t Say It

  • The Desire to Help: Pros and Cons

  • Think Better and Feel Better by Being Fit

  • Strengthening Your Stick-to-itiveness

  • Being Proactive

  • Speedreading

  • Harnessing the Mind’s Power for Physical Wellness

  • Notes for the Overachiever

  • The Rubber Band Effect: Grit and Growth

  • Great Grades & Rock Solid Commitments

  • Yes You Can Write Right

  • Nutrition, Vitality, & Academic Performance

  • Turning the Complexities of Life into a Game

  • Relationship Warning Signs