Author of award-winning
A Beautiful Medicine

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I help people reduce stress, increase energy, and get to high performance levels by providing Integral Life Coaching over the phone, through video-conferencing, or in person. I support people in learning superior communication skills, tools for developing high-level clarity and focus, and methods for achieving optimal physical wellness. In person, acupuncture can be included. These approaches can have profoundly positive effects in bringing forth peak performance, vitality, calmness, and an outstanding sense of wellbeing. 


It works because it helps people find the hidden levers of change, many of which are either yet A) unlearned or B) obscured in the unconscious mind. Once they are learned and implemented, profound change can occur. These levers include certain relationship and communication skills that are virtually unknown even to those with the highest levels of education. 

One of the premises of Integral Life Coaching is that you’re a lot smarter than the condition of your life would suggest. By supporting you in evoking your untapped potential, big changes can occur. In addition, there are evidence-based practices I use that can help people get unstuck from unproductive or unhealthy life patterns.


When you become a client of Integral Life Coaching, you get support in areas that are, in aggregate, rarely addressed at once. We maximize your potential, as needed, in the psychological, professional, social, metabolic, and neurochemical aspects of your life. 

Breakthrough insights into the nature of conflict can help you reduce tension and conflicts in all your relationships. Understanding how to improve your brain chemistry can help you be better focused, concentrated, perceptive, and peaceful. Being at your peak in all these areas can help you feel alive and fulfilled. 

You will also get breakthrough insights that can make profound differences in your relationships, your health, and your performance at work.  Underpinning all this work is the premise that it is possible for people to feel fantastic: physically and emotionally. Does it take work on your part? Yes, a lot. Does it take time? Yes, usually a lot. But it is highly possible. Sometimes it’s just around the corner. 


I have provided coaching and counseling over 40,000 times since 1983 to people of all walks of life and of all ages, including mid-level and senior-level executives, physicians, psychotherapists, attorneys, priests, and professors. Through a lifetime of listening to the stories of pain and happiness, failure and success, illness and wellness, I have learned exactly how to make ourselves miserable and sick. And conversely, I have seen what brings about the contentment, serenity, and aliveness that seem so elusive to most people. 

Currently, in addition to my Integral Life Coaching practice, I am a part-time lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, co-teaching two courses using my book, A Beautiful Medicine, as the text book. 

My education includes 

  • MS in organization development from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, including a Certificate in Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Certificate in Transpersonal Psychology from renowned psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, M.D.

  • M.Ac. (master’s degree) in acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrative Health

  • BS in psychology from James Madison University.

  • 900 hours in self-awareness and performance excellence seminars with Landmark Education Corporation

  • From 1975 to 1977, I was a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka trying to concentrate


We start with a free preliminary fifteen-minute phone or video conference conversation to make sure your needs and my services are a fit. Call me at 410.924.3831 or email at david@davidgmercier.com to set an appointment.